How do you make those tough, risky, panic-inducing decisions?

Like deciding to quit your job to focus 100% on your startup.

Like deciding to say NO to a client (even though you really need the money) because you have an idea you’re dying to work on for yourself.

Like deciding to increase your prices even if it means losing some clients in the short term.

Like moving yourself and your business across the world to start a new adventure.

Like deciding to close down the business because your heart just isn’t in it anymore.

Like deciding it’s time to get an office, an apprentice, a business partner or even just a new website.

As business owners there are so many difficult decisions facing us. The stakes are high. The choices hard. The pressure, stress, fear and doubt is off the charts.

We can try to defer, deflect or deny them but it doesn’t do any good. There’s only so long we can hide behind our busyness, our burnout or our ‘Line of Duty’ addiction.

And, we can’t ‘think’ our way to a successful outcome no matter how hard we try. We can’t see the future no matter how hard we plan, map or strategise.

At some point we have to step up and make a decision. We have to trust our instinct, experience, expertise and wisdom to steer us where we want to go. We have to believe in our ability to make it work – even when the decision we take turns out to be wrong.

We have to stop thinking and start feeling because our heart already knows what our head is too overwhelmed to see.

So stop. Take a moment, a day, a week or however long it takes. Quiet the noise, dim the drama and you’ll realise that you already know what you want to do. You always did, you just weren’t ready to face it.

Now you are. Now you can act. And remember, whatever happens you’ll be ok because you didn’t get this far by luck or chance. You got here by design and hard work. So much is waiting for you at the other side of this decision.

Katherine x


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