The Marketing Knot
Two-Day Intensive

Once each year I lead two very different types retreats. One located in the Lake District of Northern England and the other located in the exotic beauty of the Caribbean, Antigua.

The Reason?

Working out in nature, in a place that inspires creativity and greatness, does wonders for you and your business. As you travel to your gorgeous venue for the next two (or five) days you leave behind the day to day hassle of business – and the emails! – to find that clarity and focus you’ve been craving.

Instead of eight-month custom consulting , or four-month group coaching , you’ll learn all of the principles of THE MARKETING KNOT, plus get my expert input into your business, in just a few days.

Escaping the bored-room is a critical piece of THE MARKETING KNOT philosophy and framework for good reason. Despite being out of the office, this is one of the best ways to get productive and take a huge, gargantuan leap forward.

We’ll capitalize on mother nature and use the all-new context (think: breath-taking walks, lakeside or beach side views, and drool worthy food), to inspire new ideas, new approaches, and new ways of thinking about things.

It’s a way to change gears, get outside, move away from your comfort zone, connect with other leaders or reconnect with your team, and make progress on an all-new, forward-thinking marketing plan for your company.

There are two ways to enjoy a knotty retreat: One is to join a group of ambitious business owners all there to take a step up and enjoy working on their business instead of in it – perfect for small to medium sized businesses that want all the assistance (and the fun) but on a budget.

The other is a private retreat designed specifically for your company – we’ll follow THE MARKETING KNOT structure but following some discussion with you and an understanding of where you’re at I will fully customise it for you to ensure you get exactly what you need.

However you decide to join us the best part of any retreat is how you’ll begin to think differently because you’re doing something differently. In other words: no stuffy suits allowed! It’s time to think like a human being—and your prospective customer.

So, two days in the Lake District or five days in Antigua…

So, two days in the Lake District or five days in Antigua…