Two experts. Five days.
One breath-taking location.

The Marketing Knot is heading to Antigua… Are you coming?

This year THE MARKETING KNOT has joined forces with Kat Byles (THE expert on Antigua and unleashing your creative power) to host an exclusive retreat for ambitious businesses that are ready to have the year of all years and radically transform their business.

Perfect for those looking for a huge shot of inspiration, an all-new creative direction, and a solid, proven, approach to marketing you and your business.

Located in the breath-taking beauty of the Caribbean (Think luxury villas, turquoise waters, sun, sand, sea and… some serious strategy) you’ll be working in a whole new way to discover new ideas, new approaches and have the mother of all breakthroughs.

During our time together

we’ll be taking advantage of the fact that you’re out of the office (and the rain): this means less sitting inside and thinking, and more getting outside and doing.

Swap the bored-room for the inspirational beauty of the caribbean sea, move away from your comfort zone (leaving behind all preconceived ideas about your business) to make progress on an all new creative direction and forward thinking marketing plan for your business.

Being out of the office and immersed in nature is one of the best ways to learn and be creative. It is a critical piece of THE MARKETING KNOT philosophy and framework for good reason.

Taking time out to get clear, get excited and get out of the office isn’t just good for your sanity, it’s good for your bottom line too.

Connecting with your creative intuition generates new ideas and sharing those ideas with others gives you fresh eyes on your business and instant feedback.

Talking out your challenges and your future is one of the most insightful activities any business owner could engage in and the best part of any retreat is how you’ll begin to think differently because you’re doing something differently.

It’s time to think like a human being—and your prospective customer. Not a business person.

In other words: no stuffy suits allowed!

Experience Effortless Momentum

Antigua has some of the most beautiful turquoise waters in the world and it is scientifically proven that our creativity is significantly enhanced by bodies of water, inducing what has become known as the Blue Mind – a calm, relaxed, creative state. In other words, let the water wash away all the stress (and the negativity) so you can tap into the kind of creative inspiration you’ve been missing.

Antiguan life is about going with the flow, surrendering to the natural timing of things and this provides the perfect space and state of mind to take transformational steps in your business. Leave behind the pushing, forcing and fighting you’re used to and welcome the effortless ease Antigua allows.

Thanks to the time difference you’ll find you wake naturally with the sunrise, feeling rested and relaxed. The clean, warm air allows for outdoor working and there’ll be plenty of time to have some fun and explore the island too. Fair warning though, you’re going to want to move your business here or at the very least keep returning year after year!

Transform your business in just five days

Retreats are five days in length running Thursday to Monday. Flights are not included (though we can arrange these for you) but transfers to and from the airport are 🙂

A luxury double, en-suite room at Villa Amazing (believe us, it lives up to its name!). You and your colleagues have sole use of this gorgeous villa and pool for the length of your stay. You can also access the facilities (pools, gym, spa etc) of the Sugar Ridge resort.

All retreat activities, resources and expert guidance so you can transform your business. Our goal together for the retreat is to unleash your hidden strengths and tap into your creative power to give you a new direction, new goals and a solid 12-month strategy so you can take the rope and run with it as soon as you get home (or even better, before you go: action isn’t just encouraged it’s facilitated throughout your time with us)

The Antigua Business Retreat is perfect for you if…
  • You’ve lost that creative vision and clarity that got you started. You’re stuck in the day to day and though you’re ambitious and driven you’re not sure where the growth is going to come from – you’re flat and uninspired.

  • You have an amazing leadership team but you need them all to get on the same page so you can finally take that big step up this year.

  • You don’t have a unified vision or purpose, everyone is off in different directions and you’re not just losing profit, you’re losing your identity.

  • You want less of the fluffy and shiny and more of the solid and foundational to get you where you want to be. You need some structure and some inspiration. A new creative vision and a 12 month success plan to put it all in place.

Two experts with only one thing on their agenda: your business success.
Katherine Lucarz

Katherine is the creator and founder of The Marketing Knot, a all new, step by step framework for businesses that want less pain and more profit from their marketing. Having worked with businesses of all sizes for over 10 years Katherine offers 1:1 consultancy using The Marketing Knot methodology and hosts business retreats in both the Lake District, England and Antigua.

Katherine first met Kat in Antigua as part of a business retreat in 2016 and has since made it her mission to show others the monumental benefits of working out in nature.

Kat Byles

Kat Byles is a PR & Creativity consultant working with entrepreneurs and global brands making a difference for the last 20 years including Nike, UEFA, Good Energy, Homeless World Cup, Eric Cantona and Desmond Tutu. She specialises in connecting business leaders and teams to the creative wisdom and energy of the heart, building businesses aligned with true nature and purpose.

Kat’s pioneering True Business approach ensures deeper fulfilment, and legacy creation whilst generating far greater financial returns.

This Summer join THE MARKETING KNOT and Kat Byles in Antigua for seven days of blissful creation and business transformation.
  • The Antigua Business Retreat, including seven days luxury accommodation at Villa Amazing, expert guidance and training, resources, tools, templates and island activities requires an investment of £3450 per person ($4807 USD).

  • To secure a retreat for your business early commitment is essential. Complete the form below with your details and any questions you have. We’ll then reach out to you to discuss availability and how you can secure this unique opportunity for your business.

  • Once a your place is secure we’ll arrange a pre-retreat diagnostic session with you so we can understand your business in more detail and ensure the retreat is tailored to meet your needs.